Portfolio Investment Management

At Garretson Financial we offer a fee based, asset management service that provides the convenience of bringing your investments together within one coordinated portfolio. Your portfolio will be customized specifically to you to help meet your investment needs.

Like many in the wealth management business, we use fundamental analysis to help decide what investments to buy or sell. However, our difference lies in our approach to portfolio risk management.  We combine fundamental analysis with technical analysis, the study of price movement, to aid in managing our client’s investment risk.

Successful asset management involves deciding when to buy and when to sell. We believe the ability to perceive and manage risk, while striving to preserve our clients' wealth, is of foremost importance. Our access to solid research and the latest investment tools allow us to stay on top of current economic trends, and to position clients in a diversified blend of stocks, bonds or mutual funds to reflect their financial goals and the market's current conditions.

Our Unique Advantages:

Individual Portfolio Design – We will provide you with a carefully constructed and individually selected portfolio that is both diversified and custom‐selected to meet your individual investment needs.

Direct Money Manager Access – You will have direct access to your Investment Manager, not an Intermediary.

Independent Money Manager – You will have access to an array of suitable investment choices since we have no ties to Brokerage platforms or products.

Portfolio Transparency – You will have 24/7 access to all account information via a secure website, including but not limited to: holdings, transaction history and asset allocation.

Easy‐to‐Read Statements – You will enjoy the simplicity of one monthly account statement, consolidated performance reports (available upon request), and one set of year‐end tax reports. 

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